Ingeniørforeningen, IDA

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Jobopslag: Arbejdslivskonsulent (00:43)

Junior karrierekonsulent (00:40)

Jobopslag til Junior karrierekonsulent.

Videoansøgning til stillingen som... (01:02)

Videoansøgning til stillingen som Arbejdslivskonsulent

Videoansøgning, Jura.mp4 (00:44)


Pinpoint your skills (13:36)

What can you do and what would you like to do? To get a job the...

How to analyze a job ad (03:26)

Analyze the job ad and call companies with relevant questions – you...

Practice your pitch (02:35)

If you can’t present what you can do – it is hard to get a job. A...

Networking: The best hack for your job search (12:13)

Information you get from networking may well be the way to your...

Tips and tricks for unsolicited job search (20:02)

Get a piece of the pie - and apply unsolicited!

How to make a great CV (17:23)

Are you yet to crack the code on writing a good CV? Or do you want...

Cover letter - do's and don'ts (15:35)

Your first step towards a job is to slip through the needle eye of...

Planning and motivation (09:44)

If you see your job search as a job and start planning wisely – you...
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