Junior karrierekonsulent jobstilling.mov

259 views 26. maj 2021

Jobopslag til Junior karrierekonsulent.


Videoansøgning til stillingen som...

338 views 16. december 2020

Videoansøgning til stillingen som Arbejdslivskonsulent


Videoansøgning, Jura.mp4

260 views 16. december 2020



Pinpoint your skills

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How to analyze a job ad

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Practice your pitch

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Networking: The best hack for your job search

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Tips and tricks for unsolicited job search

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Get a piece of the pie - and apply unsolicited!


How to make a great CV

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Cover letter - do's and don'ts

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Your first step towards a job is to slip through the needle eye of being called to an interview.


Planning and motivation

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